Media Player for mobile and desktop – enjoy your favorite music and videos

When you get your Windows phone or a tablet, one of the most important things you start to search for is a convenient media player app. Listen to your favorite tracks and watch movies on the way with our smart Media Player.

Among many useful features, you will also find a powerful equalizer and other interesting options.

Inside the app we offer:

  • 14 languages support
  • popular video playback formats “.mp4”, “.mov”, “.avi”, “.flv”, “.mkv”, “.vob”, “.qt”, “.m2ts”, “.asf”, “.wm”, “.wmv”, “.ts”, “.3g2”, “.3gp2”, “.3gp”, “.3gpp”, “.m4v”, “.mp4v”, “.f4v”, “.mts” support
  • offline and online mode support so you could listen to lots of tracks from SoundCloud or watch videos from YouTube
  • listening to the radio and even more.

How to start the playback

Having installed the app, you will see the screen with the request to add the files to your playlist. On the top, there’s a collapsed menu.

Add media files or drag them

When you tap or click on the “More” icon, the sidebar with the expanded view will appear. Clicking the icons “Open file” and “Open folder” you will find the option to add a particular file or a folder from your local storage to the playlist.

Open a file or a folder from your local storage

Once you add the movie or the track the playback will start immediately.

Playback will start immediately

If you add a folder, you will be asked to customize the folder name or use the existing one. To add a file or a folder, it is also possible to drag-and-drop them.

If you add the files one by one, a playlist will not be created and there will be a new playback for each file.

To remove the files from the list you can either right-click on each of them (and remove option will appear) or tap the “Select” tab and tick the boxes with the inappropriate tracks. Then the bin will appear so it is easier for you to remove all the unnecessary files.

Remove the files

Select the files to remove them

To view the recently added files please select the “Current playlist” icon.


Take the music with you

The icon “New playlist” will guide you to creating a new one. A colorful picture will show the contents of the playlist. Choose the image from the ones we have already uploaded or the one you wish from your device. Then tap “Accept” and start adding the files to the list.

Create a new playlist

It’s also really easy to type your favorite track in the search panel and listen to it or watch the video online choosing between “Audio” and “Video” options. Cache the files by right-clicking on them or tapping “Select” in our PRO version. It is also possible to proceed to our in-app purchases in free version and get the opportunity to play the tracks even when offline.

Cache the favorite tracks

We’ve got another amazing option for you to listen to the radio or watch the video online wherever you are! Just move to the “Streams” tab and you’ll see a wide range of radio stations and video channels there. You can even add one of your favorite online channels by entering its URL in the corresponding field.

Move to the

Upload more of your tracks to one of the playlists from the local storage and enjoy them on the road!


Create your home theatre

If you install the app on your desktop, you will be able to enjoy watching various movies with sound control. Just select the mode you’d like the best in “Equalizer” tab.

Here you will find such options: 1965, Soft Bass, Flat, Strings, Air, Home Theater, Metal, Pop, Premaster, Presence, Punch & Sparkle, Car Stereo, Drums, and some others.

Equalizer settings

Then you’ll need to save the settings and start the playback.

Take all your huge media library with you or watch featured films with lots of sound effects available with our versatile Media Player!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our app, feel free to share your opinion and leave your comment. We’d be happy to help you!

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