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This application is designed for listening to audio tracks and watching videos. There is an opportunity to use the application both in offline / online modes. That is, you can view the files located on your PC, as well as those that are on Google Play Music service.

In order to use the application in online mode, you need to log in.When the app is launched, you are greeted with the authorization page. Here you need to enter your Google account login and password.

Pic 1 – Explore Page

After authorization, you have an access to online tracks, on Google Play Music. The application has the following pages: the Search field, Explore, Library, Playlists, Radios, Playing now and Settings on the side panel control.


Only authorized users have access to Explore Page.  Here you can see New items, Top albums, and Tracks.

There is a slider at the top of the page which navigates you to new tracks and albums.

When you click on “View all” and “New releases”, you head over to the expanded list of new songs.


The Library Page displays local, online, and cached tracks and videos.

Library has two tabs: “Audio” and “Video”.

Here you can sort by tracks, albums and artists, name, genre, and by recently played content.

Pic 2 – Library Page

To add local media files, click on the “+” or “Where to look”.

Please note: the second option can be found in the app’s settings.

Pic 3 – The ways for add local media files

After clicking on “+” or “Where to look”, you’ll see a window for adding folders to the app.


On the Playlist page, you see all your created playlists, and the playlists you’ve subscribed to.

To add a track to an existing playlist or create new one, you need right-click on the track you like, then move to the button of the toolbar. Select there “Add playlists”, then there is the Menu where you can add a file to already existing playlist or create a new one.

Pic 4 – To add a track to an existing playlist or create new one


The Radio page has two tabs: “Library” and “All Stations”.

In the Library there are user radio stations; In All stations, there are many stations provided by Google Play Music service. These stations can be added to the library or played online. While playing a station, tracks are selected by randomly chosen radio themes.

To add a radio station to your radio library:

1) Go to tab “all stations”

2) Right-click on the radio station

3) After that, you’ll see the toolbar.

4) Click on the “Add to library”

Pic 5 – To add a radio station to radio library

Create new radio according to your tastes

To create your own radio, select track and right-click on it, then move to the button of the toolbar. Select “Start Radio” and your radio will automatically play.

Go to the Radio page and open the Library tab, after that you will see a new radio that contains favorite tracks you’ve added.

Please note: created radio may contain obscene compositions, depending on the option “Block explicit songs on the radio”, which is on the settings page.

Pic 6 – Create new radio according to your tastes

Watch online videos

Some tracks have the ability to show video clips.

To watch a video you need right-click on the track you like, then go to the button of the toolbar and select there “Watch video”.

Note, not every track has a video clip.

Pic 7  – Watch online videos


You can also cache tracks in the app:

1) Right click on the track

2) You’ll see The toolbar below

3) Click on the “Cache” button in this panel

Tracks will be automatically sent to the library and then you can listen to them in offline mode

Pic 8 – Cache a track

When the tracks are cached, you’ll see an icon opposite the track. This icon shows that this track is already cached and is in your library; then if you right-click on the cached track, there will be a “Delete cached” function (instead of the cache function).

While downloading track/tracks, you have a “Cached” button and if you click on the icon, this opens the Cache page where you can view the progress of caching, as well as cancel caching of unneeded tracks.


Some tracks include artist’s info, so you can move to the artist’s page and see his or her other albums and tracks. When the track belongs to the album, then you can go to this album.

To do this: Move to the Artists Page or Albums Page, right-click on the track, then go to the button of the toolbar. Select “Go to Artist” or “Go to Album” and you’ll be on the needed page.

Pic 9 – Artists / Albums Pag

Thumbs Up playlist

The Thumbs Up playlist contains your favorite tracks.  

To add tracks in this playlist, you need click on “Star” button near the track. After this Thumbs Up playlist will contain this track. This playlist is located on the Playlist page.

Pic 10 – Thumbs Up playlist

We hope that this tutorial was useful for you! For information on how to use the app, please visit this blog post.

If you still have any difficulties, please contact our Support Team by clicking on the “Contact” tab.

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