Guide – How To Start – WEB-FTP Windows Server 2019 Minimal on Amazon

The guide how to use WEB-FTP Windows Server 2019 Minimal

  1. For connecting to the Virtual machine you need to open 3389 TCP, 20, 21, 60000 65535 (Any) in the Amazon firewall.
  2. To connect to the virtual machine, run the program “Remote Desktop Connection
  3. Enter the ip address of the virtual machine in the field “Computer” and press “Connect
  1. Next, enter your username / password that you specified when creating the virtual machine 
  1. In the console that appears, you must enter Sconfig in order to enter the server settings.
  1. When starting the VM, select item 15 Exit to command line (PowerShell)
  1. First you need to check that all services are installed. To do this, you need to run powershell commands

Get-WindowsFeature -Name *ftp*

Get-WindowsFeature -Name *web*

  1. Then run the command to execute the script to configure your FTP server

 powershell -noexit “& “”C:\users\default\configftp.ps1″””

  1. Come up with a root name for the FTP site
  1. Come up with a username to read
  1. Come up with a username for the post
  1. Confirm by pressing Y
  1. Come up with a DNS name 
  1. Now you need to come up with passwords for the users that were created in the previous steps.
  1. To view the created directory type: Get-WebSite

Deleting WEB-FTP directories on Windows core:

Delete your FTP directory:

Remove-Item IIS:\Sites\nameFTP -Recurse

nameFTP is the name of the directory to be deleted.

To connect to the created server, you must use the FTP Client

Please note that you must have the following ports open for incoming traffic to Amazon

-20 (any)

-21 (any)

– Range from 60000 to 65535 (Any)

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