Guide – How To Start – TortoiseSVN Subversion on Windows Server 2016 on Amazon

TortoiseSVN is super-easy to use Revision control, version control, and source control software. It is based on Apache Subversion (SVN). It provides a modern and easy-to-maintain user interface for Subversion. 

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

Connection and operation with Tortoise SVN on Windows 2016 on Amazon

To connect via RDP, you must create a password for the connection first. To do this, use the following Guide.

Use the RDP protocol to connect to a virtual machine (VM). There is a standard application “Remote Desktop Connection” in Windows OS, which can be found in the search for standard Windows applications in the Start menu:

 Enter the IP address of your VM with Amazon in the open application window in the “Computer” line, and click “Connect”.

When connected, the shortcut “TortoiseSVN Repository Browser” will appear on the desktop. You should enter a link to the SVN server and click “OK” in the following window which will appear.

The main application window of the following type will open:

In the open application window, right-click on the application area and select “Add file” or “Add folder” to upload files or directories to the server.

Click “OK” in the next window.

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