Guide – How To Start – TinyProxy Server on Linux CentOS 8.2

TinyProxy Server on Linux CentOS 8.2 by Tidal Media Inc. will be a perfect decision for someone who needs a proxy server to use in a small network or at home.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

Configuration and connection to TinyProxy – Auth Proxy Server on Centos 8.2

  1. To connect to a VM, you need the PuTTy application to connect via ssh. You can download it at the following link – Download
  2. Run Putty, enter the VM address in the “Host” field and click “Open” to connect.
  1. In the opened console you will need to enter a username and password that were specified when the VM has been creating.
  2. To use a proxy, you should configure login and password for the connection (or use the standard ones that were generated while creating a VM), which can be found by running the following command:

> cat /etc/tinyproxy/credentials

  1. To change a user, or add a new one, you should open the configuration file and enter the data in the form “BasicAuth login password”. To do this, enter the following command:

> sudo vi /etc/tinyproxy/tinyproxy.conf

In order to go to the desired line, use the arrows on the keyboard. To create a new line press the “O” button on the keyboard. When creating a line you will be switched to the editor mode immediately, which you can also enter using the “I” button.

  1. In order to finish file editing press the “Esc” key (to leave editor mode) and enter the next command “:wq” (colon is a part of a command, it should be entered necessarily) 
  1. Restart the proxy server service for the changes to take effect. To do this, enter the command:
    > sudo systemctl restart tinyproxy
  2. To use the proxy server through the built-in Windows tools, you must open the settings. 
  1. In Settings select Network & Internet
  1. Go to the “Proxy” section and set the “Use a proxy server” switch to On.
  2. In the Address field, enter the address of the VM, and in the Port field, specify 8888. Then click the Save button.
  1. To check the connection to the proxy server, open the website in any browser and check if your IP address has changed.

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