Guide – How To – Create and use Key Pair to connect to a VM

Creation and using Key Pair to connect to a VM

After subscribing to the VM and choosing the required sizes, you should create a Key Pair file in order to use it in the future to connect to the VM.

  1. Click the button <Create a key pair in EC2>.
  1. When the page for creating keys opens, click the button <Create key pair>.
  1. Then, in the key creation window, name the file, select the .pem format and click the button <Create key pair>.
  1. The file will be automatically saved to your computer. It’s important, save it to a folder where you won’t lose it.

Also, the key will appear in the list on the keys page in EC2.

  1. Next, return to the page where you selected the VM settings and select your key from the list.
  1. Then, press the button <Launch>.
  1. In order to go to the VM, it is necessary to click on the <EC2 Console> button in the window that opens.
  1. When the page with the created VM opens, you should give it a name.
  1. To connect to a VM, right-click on the line with VM and click <Connect>.
  1. When the <Connect to instance> window will open, download the rdp file by clicking on <Download remote desktop file>. Then, you need to get the password.
  1. In the <Get Windows Password> window, browse for the Key Pair file that you created and saved earlier and click <Decrypt Password>.
  1. Thus, you will get the User Name and Password for this vm.

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