Video & Audio Converter PRO — Usage Guidelines

Video & Audio Converter PRO it’s a powerful tool to convert the most popular video and audio formats!

How to start

  1. Launch the application. Here you can select a file that you want to convert by clicking ‘Select files’ or you can drag and drop a file in a matched area.

2. You can choose a platform, which you want to convert a file for. For IOS or Android, you can convert media files just in mp4 and you can’t use advanced settings.

3. To choose the format of the file click on the drop-down list of formats and select the needed one.

4. By clicking on ‘Advanced settings’ you can change the settings of the file. For example, you can change the quality of an audio file.

The same with video files. You have a lot of possibilities to customize it.

5. To start converting click ‘Start’.

You will see the process of converting

6. In the end, you will see the notification that converting is complete. You can continue working with the application, go to the folder with a file or rate our app.

Click on the menu button on the right top.

Here you can:

  • See recent files
  • Read details about the app
  • Rate our app
  • Contact us
  • See more of our apps

We hope these Usage Guidelines were effortless to read and not sophisticated to understand and you have learned how to convert video and audio files via Video & Audio Converter PRO. We will be glad if it sheds light on all of the questions you have or will get.

Nevertheless, if something was unclear and you require any further information please feel free to contact us at! If we can be of assistance on any issue or with advice – It would be a pleasure to provide you with this. Good Luck!

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