Torrent Manager Pro — Usage Guideline

With Torrent Manager Pro you can get any content that you want. You don’t need any special knowledge or skills. Just install Torrent Manager Pro and follow our guide.

To download the content you need special files with the ‘.torrent’ extension or magnet-link. You can find them on the internet or search in Torrent Manager Pro. How to do it? You can find an answer in the guide below.

Before we start, you should learn some words, which you will meet every time using  Torrent Manager Pro.

  • Seed – person, who has a file that you need. You will automatically connect to a list of seeds.
  • Leech – person, who tries to download the file.


If you want to customize the interface or to change options of the application you can press ‘Settings’.

You will see the following window.

Overall, most settings will be fairly self-explanatory. This will not cover everything but will be an overview of the basics and what you can do in each section.

Here you can not only change language or theme but also choose the directory where files will be saved after downloading.

To see more options of the settings click ‘General’.

The following window will appear.

Be careful! These settings are only for advanced users. If you’re not sure that you need to change something on this tab, just use the default settings.

Here you can:

  • Turn on/off starting the application with Windows.
  • Turn on/off the automatic start of the torrent download.
  • Turn on/off the DHT network. It will help you if you need to add some speed for downloading.
  • Turn on/off peer exchange. It helps peers to connect.
  • Turn on/off the encryption of outgoing connection.
  • Turn on/off stopping torrent when the download is complete.
  • Set a limit for a download rate.
  • Set a limit for an upload rate.
  • Set a limit for the maximum number of connections.
  • Set a limit for a maximum number of connected peers per torrent.

On the last page, you can find ‘About’.

Here you can:

  • Share our app with your friends.
  • Send feedback to us.
  • See more of our apps.
  • Read the privacy policy.

How to start?

You can start the download in a few ways:

I way

If you already have a torrent file on your computer, click ‘+’ in the top right of the app.

Your file explorer will appear. Find the torrent file that you need on your computer, select the file, and press ‘Open’.

After that, you will see the window with all files which are included in this torrent. You can choose what files you want or don’t want to download. To remove something you should just uncheck the box.

Also, here you can choose another folder for download.

To start downloading press the ‘Add’ button.

After that, you will be moved to the main window, where you can see the progress of downloading.

II way

If you don’t have a torrent file, but you have a magnet link, you should press the second image on the right top, after ‘+’.

Then you will see the following window:

Here you should enter your magnet-link and press ‘Add’.

After that, you will see the window in the picture below. Here you can also choose which files you want to download.

Click on ‘Add’ and download will be started.

When the download starts you will be moved to the main window, where you can see the progress of downloading.

Here you can pause, start, or remove torrent by clicking the buttons on the top right.

At the bottom of the window, you can also see 3 buttons ‘Details’, ‘Files’, ‘Peers’. There you can see more information about the download.

In the left corner, you can see the next buttons: ‘All’, ‘Downloading’, ‘Seeding’, ‘Completed’, ‘Inactive’. These buttons will help you to filter your torrents due to their download status.


You can find any kind of torrent in Torrent Manager Pro, just choose ‘Internet search’

In the app above right choose ‘Search Torrent’ and start writing what you want to find. Then press ‘Enter’

Then you will see the list of available torrents for download.

On the right, you can see some words and numbers:
SE – means seeds. The more seeds the faster you will download files.
LE – means leeches. The more leeches the lower download speed you will have.

Choose the torrent that you need, click on it by the left mouse button, and click ‘Continue.’ Then you will see the following window.

Press ‘Add’ and download will start.

We hope that our guide was useful for you, and helped you to found the content you need. 

Nevertheless, if something is unclear and you need more information please feel free to contact us! Good Luck!

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