Guide – How To Start – Starbound Game Server on Windows Server 2022

Configuration and connection to Starbound Game Server on Windows Server 2022

First you need to open TCP port 21025 in the network properties of the Azure Firewall

  1. To start the server, you must connect to the VM via RDP and open the start starbound_server file on the desktop.
  1. Run the “Starbound” game and select “Join Game”
  1. Select your character, enter the IP address of the VM and click “Join server”

Server update

If you were unable to connect to the server, you should update the server. To do this, connect to the VM through RDP and do the following:

  1. Close the server – open the console with the server, and press Ctrl + C on the keyboard
  2. Go to the “C:\steamcmd” folder and open the “steamcmd” file
  3. Enter the following commands in sequence:

> login <Steam username> (the game must be purchased on your Steam account)

> <Password to Steam Account>

> force_install_dir “C:\starbound”

> app_update 211820 validate

  1. Wait until the server is updated, and run “start starbound_server” file from the desktop again.

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