Screenshot Powerful Tool — Usage Guidelines

Screenshot Powerful Tool – simple app which you need to make the best screenshot. Capture screen of your device in one click. App incredibly easy to use.

Sometimes it’s extremely important to take a screenshot and send it urgently to your colleague. Now with Screenshot Powerful Tool, it has become really easy to get a picture of your screen on Windows, add some text or highlight the selected area, save the image and send it finally to your friend, family member, colleague or student in a few seconds!

Taking a screenshot and saving it

Having installed the app, you may, if you want, sign in to one of the cloud services: OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Sign in to a cloud service before taking screenshots

The taken pictures may be placed right there or in the local folder on your choice.

Choose a folder on your computer for saving screenshots

Once the storage for your pictures is set, you will be able to use hotkeys Ctrl + Prt Scr to save a part of the screen. Clicking Ctrl + Shift + Prt Scr you will get your screen full-sized.

In the taskbar, there’s a small icon of the app, and after clicking on it the screen will darken a bit. Then the white outlines will appear. Drag them to change the size and make the screenshot bigger or smaller.

Drag white lines to enlarge or shrink the selected area

To cancel capturing the screen just click the Esc button. To save the picture to your local folder please use Ctrl + S, to send the file to the cloud storage you’ll need to use Ctrl + Enter or tick the box to get the link to the image.

After that, you will need either to type a file name if you have chosen the local folder as a place of storage, view the file in your cloud service or paste the link to the uploaded image in a browser.

It’s easy to share the link with your friends or to social media platforms. If the screenshot is stored in one of your cloud services, it’s possible to download, print or share this picture as well.

Editing the taken image

Using our Screenshot Powerful Tool you will be able to modify the picture of the screen right on the spot. There’s no need to paste the snapshot to some of the photo editing programs like Paint because the built-in editor will allow you to make a lot of changes.

Point out the important info by labeling it with circled numbers.

Circled numbers help point out the important info

Underline some facts with a colorful line or an arrow.

Colorful lines and arrows allow to draw attention to some facts

Use a pen tool to create a simple drawing.

Draw various shapes on a screenshot with a pen tool

Blur the unnecessary info.

Blurring some areas will help hide unnecessary details

Highlight a particular word or element with a circle or a rectangle.

Circle the info to highlight it on a screenshot

Add text notes.

Add some text notes when capturing the screen

Enlarge the area with a magnifying tool to see it better.

Magnifying tool will help view the selected areas better

Change the element size, color, and opacity easily.

Adding the elements, change their size, color and opacity easily

After saving the screen

If you haven’t altered the screenshot at once, you can browse all the saved images from your cloud service in the “Gallery” tab. Find the picture which needs some changes and click “Edit”.

Feel free to use various editing options, resize the picture, save the snapshots to your folder or to a cloud service (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox), set the quality of the image or change its format, use magnifying glass to see the selected area clearly, share the link with your friends whenever you need – you can do lots of things with our lightweight, versatile and easy-to-use Screenshot Powerful Tool!

Use a wide range of tools to edit the screen captures

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our app, feel free to leave your comment. We highly appreciate your opinion!

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