Player for Instagram TV PRO — Usage Guidelines

Player for Instagram TV PRO is a powerful tool for watching IGTV from your computer.

How to start

  1. Launch the application. Enter your phone number/username/email with a password from Instagram and click ‘Log in’.
  1. You will see the screen with channels that are recommended for you. Here you can choose a category to watch :
  • Recommended channels
  • Channels you are subscribed to
  • Popular channels
  • History of your views

3. To hide a list with represented channels just click the left-mouse-button anywhere in the selected area.

4. To show channels again click on the image and you will see video info. Click on the ‘Browse’ button and the recommended channel will appear again.

5. To search channels click on the search field.

6. Write the name of the channel that you want to watch and press ‘Enter’ or click on the search button. You will see the list of suggested channels. Click on the channel that you want to watch and you will see the latest video from this channel.

To open the settings click on the gear image.

In the settings you can:

  • Send feedback to us
  • See more of our apps
  • Share our app with your friends
  • Rate our app
  • Read Privacy Policy
  • Read details about our app
  • Log out from your Instagram account

We hope these Usage Guidelines were effortless to read and not sophisticated to understand and you have learned how to save photos and videos via Saver for Instagram PRO. We will be glad if it sheds light on all of the questions you have or will get.

Nevertheless, if something was unclear and you require any further information please feel free to contact us at! If we can be of assistance on any issue or with advice – It would be a pleasure to provide you with this. Good Luck!

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