Guide – How to work with Private FTP Server

This powerful and easy-to-use application allows you to create FTP Servers in a couple of clicks. Choose the desired disk space, availability term, and you get your Private FTP Server in seconds!

  1. Run the application “Private FTP Server”.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. To create a new FTP Server click “Create FTP Server”.
  4. Select the desired configuration of the FTP Server.
  5. Click “Next”.
  6. Fill in the fields to create the first FTP user.
  7. Confirm your agreement with “terms and conditions”.
  8. Click “Buy”.
  1. Make a payment.
  2. After the payment is made, the FTP Server server will begin to be created, it takes some time.
  3. Refresh the FTP Server status.
  4. In order to connect to the FTP user, you should use special software, for example FileZilla.
  5. After installing and opening FileZilla, you must enter the IP address of the FTP Server in the appropriate field.
  1. IP address can be copied by clicking on the corresponding button in the application.

  1. After the IP address of the FTP Server is inserted, fill in the username and password fields (This is the user which was created during the step #6).
  2. Also you must specify 22 in the “Port” field.
  3. Click “Quickconnect”.
  4. After connecting, the server will be available to you.
  1. To add, change, block or delete users, go to the application and select the appropriate functionality.

Subscription management

  1. When the subscription period expires, the application will notify you about it.
  2. In order to renew your subscription, you should click “Renew subscription” in the window of the FTP Server you need.
  3. After clicking on the button, the window will appear where you should select the desired configuration, accept “terms and conditions” and click “Buy”.

  1. Make payment.

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