Guide – How To Start – XAMPP PHP 8.0.10 on Windows Server 2016

Configuration and connection to XAMPP PHP 8.0.10 on  Windows Server 2016


1. Press Win + R.

2. In the window that appears, enter “mstsc.exe” and click “OK”.

3. In the window that appears, enter the IP of the virtual machine and click “Connect”.

4. In the window that appears, enter your username and password and click “OK”.

5. Check the box and click “Yes”.

6. The remote desktop window is displayed after connection

7. Launch the XAMPP Control panel

8. The control panel is displayed where XAMPP is controlled

9. XAMPP is located in c:\xampp\ where you will find all the config files

Configure and Use Apache Tomcat

You can see an error similar to the below when you attempt to start Apache Tomcat through the XAMPP control panel

To solve the problem open


Set component as a service 

1. To set a component as a service use corresponding check-box

2. Click “Yes”

3. Check that services are installed

4. Check the service list 

XAMPP Firewall Ports

  1. You can find the ports you need in the XAMPP Control Panel to configure how to use XAMPP

Required ports:

2. To set up ports click “Config”

To set up AWS firewall rules refer to – AWS Security Groups

To setup Azure firewall rules refer to – Azure Network Security Groups

To open ports outside to work with services Windows firewall ports should be opened too

You can find XAMPP support on this forum – Apache Friends Support Forum • Index page

FAQ XAMPP FAQs for Windows

Documentation can be found locally within your server on the following URL: http://localhost/dashboard/howto.html

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