Guide – How To Start – Webmin 1.960: Easy GUI Container on Ubuntu 18.04

Webmin 1.960: Easy GUI Container on Ubuntu 18.04 allows you to configure operating system internals, such as users, disk quotas, services or configuration files, as well as modify and control open-source apps.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run container image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

The connection to Webmin container

How to create and configure the Azure Container Registry and to start creating the Container, you can find Here

  1. When creating a container, it’s necessary to open 100000 TCP port.
  1. Also, you should set the PASSWORD environment variable.
  1. To access the Webmin GUI, go to https://*container_ip*:10000
  2. When you go to the address, you will need to accept a self-signed certificate, for this, click the <Advanced> button and then <Proceed to *container_ip*>.
  1. The authorization page will open. Use the username “root” and password that you specified when deploying the container.

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