Guide – How To Start – WebIssues Team Collaboration Tool on Windows 2016

WebIssues is an open source multi-platform application meant for error tracking and simplifying cooperative work of the project members.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
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The connection to WebIssues Team Collaboration Tool

1. First, to connect to WebIssues Team Collaboration Tool, you should open port 80 by the TCP Protocol in the network properties on Azure Firewall.

2. To access to WebIssues Team Collaboration Tool you should go by the link http://ip/webissues in a browser  (where in the link instead of ip type the real ip of the virtual machine on Azure). When you open the page, you will see the following:


By standard a superuser for the WebIssues Team Collaboration Tool has been created in the system, the login information is located on the virtual machine’s desktop in the file Read me”.

3. After logging into account, you can configure the server when you open the “Administration Panel” tab (or in the browser on the virtual machine, open the following link: http://localhost/webissues/admin, login information is in the “Read me” file on the desktop).


In the upper right corner you can open detailed instructions on “how to use and configure the WebIssues system” by clicking the “Manual” tab.


Also in the Webissues Team Collaboration tool has an option to download the client, you are able to download it on the website:


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