Guide – How To Start – Taiga Project Management Server for Ubuntu 16.04

Taiga is the project management tool for multi-functional Agile teams. It has a rich feature set and at the same time it is very simple to start with through its intuitive user interface.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

Connection Settings Taiga Project Management Server for Ubuntu 16.04

  1. To start the server, launch the VM through the Azure Portal.
  2. After starting the VM, you can go to the main page. To do this, go to the following address http://*vm_ip*.
  3. When you go to the site, the main page with projects will open. Go to the authorization page by clicking “Login” in the upper right of the page.


  1. Use the login “admin” and the password “123123” for authorization.


  1. First of all, it is recommended to change the password for the administrator account. To do this, go to the “Change password” section and complete the password change procedure.


  1. To create a new project, point to the “Projects” icon and click “Create New Project” button.


7. Select a project type. For example “Kanban”.


8. Provide a name and description for the project. Then select the availability of the project – private or public and click “Create Project”.


9. Now you can add new tasks and work with the board.


10. You can find more information about setting up and creating projects in the official documentation.
Who Is Taiga For?
Taiga Documentation 


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