Guide – How To Start – Secured FTP (SFTP) Server on Amazon Linux 2

Secured FTP ( SFTP ) Server on Amazon Linux 2 is the best solution to transfer files and data securely over encrypted network layers (using SSH2 protocol).

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The guide how to connect to Secured FTP ( SFTP ) Server on Amazon Linux 2

To connect to the VM, you should generate a “Private Key” in advance. This can be done using the following instruction (by choosing the “file format:” option “.ppk” in point 3)

Guide – How To – Create and use Key Pair to connect to a VM

  1. Go to the SSH section in the left panel and then to Auth.
  1. In the “Auth” section, click “Browse” and specify the path to the .ppk file you received earlier.
  2. To work, you must open the following ports:
  3. Go to the home page of “Session”, enter the IP address of the VM and click “Open”.
  1. In the opened console you will need to enter the login ec2-user

The examples of the basic ftp user management commands that can be entered after connecting in the PuTTY client:

  1. The creation of the user:

sudo addsftpuser

Attention: The password has to be maximum 8 characters. If you enter a password with more than 8 characters, it will be shortened. While entering a password in the ftp client, only the first 8 characters will be taken.

The changing of the password for an existing user:

sudo passwd username

The deletion of user:

sudo delsftpuser

The blocking of user account:

sudo usermod -L username

The unblocking of user account:

sudo usermod -U username

  1. You can find a directory with users along the path /sftp/data/home/username

Also, along /sftp/data/keys/username path there will be keys for connecting to the users. Copy them to the main system and add them to the FTP client.

The ftp server itself is protected and ssh access and shell access are prohibited for ftp users, but allowed for the superuser.

Client FTP Software

  1. To connect to ftp, it is recommended to use the “FileZilla Client” application (you can download it from the link: When launched, the application looks like this:

2. Then, go to Edit SettingsThen, go to Edit Settings

3. Select Sftp tab and press <Add key file>

  1. Select .pem file that you have copied from  /sftp/data/keys/username directory to the VM
  1. In the “Host” field enter : sftp://ipvm , where ipvm is the address of your machine in the personal account in Amazon

In the “Username”, enter the username you have created

In the “Password”, enter the password of the user you have created

When the data are entered click “Quickconnect”

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