Guide – How To Start – Secured FTP (SFTP) Server for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Secured FTP ( SFTP ) Server is considered to be a highly protected protocol against various cryptographic attacks. Therefore the SFTP Server enables a secure way to transfer, access and interact with the files. The server comes with one of the most trusted Linux distributions – Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Easy and rapid installation. Simple usability.

  1. After purchasing the virtual machine find the IP address of your VM in the personal account in Azure.


  1. To connect to the virtual machine you can use the PuTTY client (you can download it from the official site: When the app was started, you will see the following window:


  1. In the “Host Name (or IP address)” field you should enter the IP address of the virtual machine from the personal account in Azure. In the “Port” field enter the 22 value, select the “Connections type” – SSH and click on the “Open” button.

        The following window will be opened:


  1. In the window above you should enter the login and password of the user of the virtual machine

(while typing the password, the data isn’t displayed!).

The examples of the basic ftp user management commands that can be entered after connecting in the PuTTY client:

== the creation of the user:

sudo ftpuseradd username

sudo ftpuseradd firstnamene.lastname

== the changing of the password for an existing user:

sudo passwd username

== the deletion of user:

sudo userdel username

== the blocking of user account:

sudo usermod -L username

== the unblocking of user account:

sudo usermod -U username

The ftp server itself is protected and ssh access and shell access are prohibited for ftp users, but allowed for the superuser.

  1. To connect to ftp, it is recommended to use the “FileZilla Client” application(you can download it from the link: When launched, the application looks like this:


  1. In the “Host” field enter : sftp://ipvm , where ipvm is the address of your machine in the personal account in Azure.

In the “Username” field enter the user’s login of the virtual machine.

In the “Password” type the user’s password of the virtual machine.

When the data is entered click on “Quickconnect”.

Then you will see the next window:


In the Remote site area (on the right side of the application), the paths from the virtual machine are displayed, just below all the folders and files that are present in them are displayed. For all created ftp users in the home folder, by default, the file /etc/readme_first.txt is copied :


If you want, you can change the contents of this file (for example, to specify corporate rules for working with ftp server in it).

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