Guide – How To Start – Secure SFTP Server for Windows 2022 DC OpenSSH

Get a powerful security layer for your files with our  Secure SFTP Server on Windows 2022 DC OpenSSH

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

Configuration and connection to OpenSSH SFTP Server

First, you need to open TCP port 22 in the network properties of the Azure Firewall. 

When connecting to the VM you can run ‘Computer Management’ to add a new VM user

To authenticate a local user on the server, add the user by opening the “Users” shortcuts.

Add a new user

To create a new user for SFTP, you need:

  1. Stop the SFTP server service by running the “stop ftp” shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Create the necessary users in the server admin panel.

To add a user to the server, you need to click the shortcut on the desktop “freeFTPd”

When launched, the main window will not open, but immediately gets into the tray

To open the main application window, click the right mouse button on the icon in the tray and select “Configure”. When opened, the following will be displayed:

To add SFTP users, go to the “Users” tab and click the “Add” button:

In the user registration window, enter “Login”.

Select “Password stored as SHA1 hash” in the drop-down list of the “Authorization” field, 

Next, in the “Password” field, enter any user-friendly password and confirm it in the “Password (again)” field.

Disable the use of the “FTP server” and click Apply.

  1. After creating the necessary users, you need to:

– go to the SFTP tab and make sure that “Server status: Stopped!”

– start the service by clicking the “Start” button (“Server status” will become “Running…”)

– click the “Apply & Save” button

– click “Stop” (“Server status” will become “Stopped!”)

– close the application window by clicking on the cross (the application minimizes to tray)

– open the Windows tray, click the right mouse button on the freeFTPd icon, and select “Quit”.

  1. Start the SFTP server service using the “start ftp” shortcut on the desktop.

To connect to FTP, it is recommended to use the “FileZilla Client” application (you can download it from the link: 

When launched, the application looks like this:

In the “Host” field enter the IP address of your machine in the personal account in Azure. 

In the “Username” field enter the user’s login created in freeFTPd.

In the “Password” type the user’s password.

When the data is entered click on “Quickconnect”.

Then you will see the next window which asks if you can trust the host and its signatures, in this window you need to click “OK”:

SFTP user folder is automatically created in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\freeFTPd\sftproot\” folder, when a user connects to SFTP for the first time. You can transfer files to this folder, so a user can view them.


Question: I get the error “The specified address is already in use”

Answer: This error occurs because of the freeFTPd instance background running. To resolve this, you need to cancel all other instances of freeFTPd in the task manager, and then open it again. Also, you can just stop freeFTPService and restart it.

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