Guide – How To Start – RustDesk on Linux Stream 8

Configuring and connecting to RustDesk on Linux Stream 8

To start the server, run the VM through Azure Portal.

  1. For the connection to the server, you should know the IP address of the VM. You can find it in your personal account of Azure. (You need to select the virtual machine from the list. By clicking the “Overview” item, your IP is displayed in the “Public IP Address” line).
  1. To work, you must open ports 21115-21119 (TCP) and 21116 (UDP) in the network properties in the Azure firewall.

Getting the key

  1. To connect through your created server, you need to get a special, unique generated key. To do this, connect to a VM:
  2. With OpenSSH

In the Windows 10 operating system (starting with version 1809 ), an OpenSSH client is available, with which you can connect to Linux servers via SSH. If Windows 10 is suitable and the OpenSSH client is installed, you can start connecting via SSH. To do this, launch a normal Windows command prompt and enter the command “ssh user@*vm_ip*” (1), where “user” is the username that was specified while creating the virtual machine and “*vm_ip*” is the VM IP address.

Then type “Yes” (2) and enter a password (3) that was specified while creating the virtual machine.

  1. With the PuTTY application 

To do this, you need the PuTTY application to connect via SSH. You can download it from the following link – Download

Run PuTTY, enter the VM address in the “Host” field (1) and click “Open” (2) to connect.

In the opened console, you will need to enter a username (1) and password (2) that were specified while the VM was being created (you’ll not see the password in the console while entering it). 

  1. To get the key run the following command:

> sudo echo $(cat /opt/hbbs/ (1)

and copy and save the key (2) in a convenient way for you

Client setup

To establish a remote connection through your server, you need to install the client part from RustDesk for your device OS. Also, you can get the client from Google Store and Apple Store for mobile devices.

After installing the client, you need to establish a connection through your server. For example:

  1. for Windows client
    1.  Click ‘ID/Relay Server
  1. Enter your VM’s IP (1), the previously saved key (2) and click ‘OK’ (3)
  1. Then enter remote user ID (1), select needed action (2) 
  1. Enter remote user password (3)
  1. You are connected (to the mobile device, for example)
  1. for Android client
    1.  Tap ‘Settings -> ID/Relay Server
  1. Enter your VM’s IP (1), the previously saved key (2) and tap ‘OK’ (3)
  1. Then tap ‘Share Screen -> Start Service’ 
  1. Set the required permissions (may vary depending on the device/Android version)
  1. To connect to the remote device go to ‘Connection’ tab, enter remote user ID (1) and tap the arrow (2) 
  1. and enter remote user password (3)
  1. You are connected

More information – Manual :: Documentation for RustDesk

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