Guide – How To Start – Pure-FTPd – FTP Server on Linux CentOS 8.3 on Amazon

Tidal Media Inc. provides you with a specially hardened FTP Server for AWS Marketplace. Pure-FTPd has one of the most complete implementations of the FTP protocol specifications. It includes the protocol basics, plus modern extensions like MLST/MLSD.

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This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

The guide how to work with the Pure-FTPd – FTP Server on Linux CentOS 8.3

After purchasing and starting the VM you should know its IP address. You can find it in the personal account of Amazon.

To connect to the Server, you should generate a “Private Key” in advance. This can be done using the following instruction (by choosing the “file format:” option “.ppk” in point 3)

Guide – How To – Create and use Key Pair to connect to a VM

  1. Go to section SSH on the left panel, and then in Auth
  1. In the “Auth” section, click “Browse” and specify the path to the .ppk file you received earlier.
  2. Go to the home page of “Session”, enter the IP address of the VM and click “Open”.

In the opened console you will need to enter the login ec2-user.

To work, you must open the following ports:

Use a self-signed certificate along the path:


  1. Create a directory by sudo mkdir /etc/ftproot command
  2. Create a user by sudo pure-pw useradd usertest -u 1500 -g 1500 -d /etc/ftproot/ command where usertest  is the name
  3. Enter a password and confirm it
  4. Apply the changes by sudo pure-pw mkdb command
  5. To view the users list, use sudo pure-pw list command
  6. To delete a user, use sudo pure-pw userdel username command
  7. To create a user with a separate catalogue, you can sequentially  use the following commands:

1)sudo pure-pw useradd username -u 1500 -g 1500 -d /etc/ftproot/username

2)mkdir /etc/ftproot/username

3)chown 1500:1500 /etc/ftproot/username

4)sudo pure-pw mkdb

Client FTP Software

Users can use any FTP Client to allow clients to connect. One of the best solutions is to choose FileZilla’s FTP Client.

In the host field you should insert ftpes://YourVM’sIP

And your username and password

After starting the connection, a window with a certificate will appear, there you must check the box <Always trust certificate> and click <OK>.

After that, you will be connected to the FTP server.

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