Guide – How To Start – Pritunl – Self-hosted VPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04

Pritunl – Self-hosted VPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04 is the best open source alternative to proprietary commercial vpn products. Create larger cloud vpn networks supporting thousands of concurrent users and get more control over your vpn server.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

The guide how to work with the Pritunl – Self-hosted VPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04

  1. After purchasing and start of the VM you should know its IP address. You can find it in the personal account of Azure. (It is necessary to select the virtual machine from the list. By clicking the item “Overview”, your IP is displayed in the line of “Public IP Address”).
  1. To work, you must open port 80 (TCP), 443 (TCP) and 14147 (UDP) in the network properties in the azure firewall.
  1. To connect to the VM you can use the SSH and PuTTY apps.
  1. When the app was started, you should enter the login and password.
  2. The initial configuration for the VM has been made already, so after turning it on you can go to the admin panel.
  3. To access the admin panel, you need to enter in the address bar https://yourVM’sIP.
  4. Now you need to accept the security certificate.
  1. Enter the login pritunl and the password Qvs3UZNfrBst.
  1. After entering, you need to confirm the IP and change the password, do not touch the remaining fields.
  2. One user has been already created on the server, which is a part of created organization.
  3. To download the connection key, select the “Users” item and the button to download the profile.
  1. The downloaded archive must be unpacked on the PC where the connection will be made (OpenVPN must be installed on the PC).
  1. You should transmit the file named “…ovpn” by the path of installation of the “OpenVPN”, in this case (since the standard path was selected) this is “C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config”.
  2. Then open OpenVpn and connect to the server.

Software is free


You pay for pre-configured microsoft VM and configuration. If you do not agree with any condition – please do not use the product.

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