Guide – How To Start – Navidrome – Streaming Media Server on Ubuntu

Navidrome – Streaming Media Server on Ubuntu allows you to enjoy your music collection from anywhere, by making it available through a modern Web UI and through a wide range of third-party compatible mobile apps, for both iOS and Android devices.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

Configuration and Connection Navidrome – Streaming Media Server on Ubuntu

  1. To start the server, run the VM through Azure Portal.
  2. After starting the VM, you can go to the main page. To do this, go to the following address http://*vm_ip*:4533.
  3. A page with creating a user with administrator rights will open. Fill out the form and click <Create admin> to complete.
  1. To add audio to the library, you need to upload music to the server. For example, you can connect to a VM via PuTTY –  Download.
  2. Run Putty, enter the VM address in the “Host” field, and click “Open” to connect.
  1. In the opened console you will need to enter a username and password that were specified the when the VM have been creating.
  2. All music will be automatically downloaded from the /media/music folder. First you need to create a music folder, in which we will upload music. To do this, enter the following commands:

cd /navidrome/music

  1. Now you can upload audio files to this folder. To download a track via a direct link, you can use the following command.

        > sudo wget -O %file_name% %link_to music%

For instance:
> sudo wget -O Omen.mp3 ''

  1. Now return to the site and update the list of songs
  1. If you did everything right, then on the main page should appear your tracks that you can play directly from the browser.
  1. More information on setting up and working with Navidrome can be found here.
    Getting Started

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