Guide – How To Start – Minecraft Bedrock Game Server for Windows Server 2019

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server is for those who need to run a server on Windows 2019 for multiplayer. The server is pre-configured and fully ready-to-run

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

How to start and connect to Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server for Windows 2019

In order for VM to work correctly, you need to open port 19132 UDP in Azure Firewall

1. To run the server you should find the “Start Server” shortcut on the desktop of the VM and run it.

2. For the connection to the server you should know the IP address of the VM. You can find it in the personal account of Azure. (You need to select the virtual machine from the list. By clicking the item “Overview”, your IP is displayed in the line of “Public IP Address”).


3. Run your client to play the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

4. Click “Play” in the main menu.

5. Go to the “Servers” tab and click “Add Server”.


6. In the appeared window, in the “Server Name” field name the server as you like.

7. In the “Server Address” field enter the IP address of the VM and click “Play”. The “Port” field leave with no changes.

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