Guide – How To Start – MariaDB 10.2 Container for Ubuntu 18.04

MariaDB is a database solution with the versatility to handle transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads and the scalability to grow from a standalone database or data warehouse to a distributed SQL database.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run container image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

The connection to MariaDB using HeidiSQL

How to create and configure the Azure Container Registry and to start creating the Container, you can find Here

  1. When creating a container, it’s necessary to open 3306 TCP port.
  1. Also, you should set the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD environment variable.

Connection setup using HeidiSQL

  1. Install the app HeidiSQL and run it – Download
  2. In the lower left corner click on the <New> button to create a new session.
  1. In the “Network Type” field select the “MariaDB or MySQL (TCP/IP)”.
  1. Enter the IP of the container to the Hostname/IP field. In the “User” field type the login root, and in the “Password” field – the environment variable value MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD, which was specified at creating the container.

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