Guide – How To Start – Gitea – Git Server on СentOS 7.9

The guide how to use Gitea – Git Server on СentOS 7.9

  1. To start the server, run the VM through Azure Portal.
  2. To work, you must open port 3000 (TCP) in the network properties in the Azure firewall.
  3. You must create a DNS name. In the Azure admin, you need to go to the VM properties on the left the “Overview” section in it, on the right you need to configure the DNS name, the name will become, for example, “”.
  4. Install PuTTY. You can download PuTTY from the link – Launch PuTTY.
  5. In the “Host Name” field, enter the IP of the virtual machine and click “Open”.
  1. In the window that appears, click Accept.
  1. Enter the username and password that was used to create the virtual machine.

(If you enter a password, it will not be displayed.)

  1. Open a browser on your PC and go to the DNS address http://domain_name:3000, where domain_name this is the address of your DNS name or DNS configured on Azure in the previous step (for example:
  2. On the page, select the following settings:

Database Type: SQLite3

In the Path setting that appears, use the default path: /var/lib/gitea/data/gitea.db

Site Title: enter any site name.

SSH Server Domain: replace localhost with your domain name ( for example:

Gitea Base URL: replace localhost with your domain name (for example

Leave the rest of the settings by default.

  1. Click on the “Install Gitea” button at the bottom of the page to complete the configuration settings, then the “Sign in” page will open:
  1. Then click on the “Register” button in the upper right.

The page address in the browser changes to: http://domain_name:3000/user/sign_up

Enter your preferred “Username” and your “Email Address”.

Create and verify “Password”.

Password Requirements:

  • at least one special character (punctuation, brackets, quotation marks, etc.);
  • at least one lowercase character;
  • at least one uppercase character;
  • at least one digit.

The first user will receive administrator rights on the portal.

More detailed instructions can be found at:

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