Guide – How To Start – FTP Server Basic on Windows Server 2016

FTP server is a File Transfer Protocol server for exchanging files over the Internet or a local computer network.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

The guide on how to use FTP Server Basic on Windows Server 2016

  1. To connect to the virtual machine, run the program “Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Enter the IP address of the virtual machine in the “Computer” field and click “Connect
  1. Select input with <More choices>
  1. Next, select the login through another account and enter your username / password that you specified when creating the virtual machine

5.Next, we need to go to the FileZilla Server control panel.

  When connecting for the first time in the admin panel, specify

5.1 host
5.2 port 14148
5.3 empty password

Click “Ok

6.  You have a window – you need to accept the fingerprint – type “yes”

                Create a user with a home directory

1. Now you need to create a user with an indication of his home directory
Click on <Server> and select <Configuration>

2. Select <Users>

3. Add the <Users> by clicking <Add>

4. Now we need to add a new directory. Click <Add>

5. LMB twice on the line  <Virtual path> type < / >, Click <Ok >. In the line <Native path> type <c:\ftp> and click <Ok>

To work with the server, it is recommended to use filezilla ftp client. Operating mode <passive mode>.
You can download by the link

  1. Enter in the <Host> field the IP of your machine 
  2. In the <Username> field, the name of your machine that you created in step 3
  3. In the <Password> field, the password that you specified in paragraph 3

This new version has very useful new features for the user.

1) Users permissions more simple

2) Working with <let’s encrypt> via admin GUI

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