Guide – How To Start – Bitcoin Core Lite Server for Windows Server 2019

Bitcoin Core is a software that serves as a bitcoin node (the set of which form the bitcoin network) and provides a bitcoin wallet which fully verifies payments. It is considered to be bitcoin’s reference implementation.

This is a quick deployment and ready-to-run image.
Simple and rapid installation. Easy to maintain.

Tuning and working with Bitcoin Core Lite (Windows Server 2019)

After purchasing the VM, it creates a 127 GB disk by default, which is not enough to work with Bitcoin Core. You must manually add a hard drive in your Azure settings.

Open the page of the virtual machine (VM), then you need to go to the “Disks” tab:

On the open page, click the “+ Add data disk” button – a new field will appear with a disk selection:

You should click on the field under the “Name” and select “Create disk”:

On the disk creation page, enter any disk name in the “Disk name” field:

Click “Create new” under “Resource group”, enter any group name and click “OK”:

Under the item “Size” click “Change size”:

In the open window, change the disk type to Standart HDD:

Enter size of the disk at least 350 GB in the “Custom disk size” field (since to work with Bitcoin Core, you need at least 350 GB of space) and click “OK”:

After selecting the size and type of the disk, click the “Create” button at the bottom of the “Create a managed disk” page:

And click “Save” on the “Disks” page:

After the above steps, the disk is created on the VM, you should initialize it inside the VM to work with it. To do this, start the VM with your login and password data.

In the open VM, hold Win + R, enter the command “diskmgmt.msc” and click “OK”:

The “Disk management” window will open with a message that an uninitialized disk is present. Click “OK”:

In the list of disks, where you will see an uninitialized, previously created disk:

To initialize, right-click on the disk and select “New Simple Volume”:

In the opened window, click “Next”, “Next”, “Next”, “Next”, “Finish”.

Open“This PC”, you will see a “New Volume (E:)”

Everything is ready to download the Bitcoin Core blockchain. There is a “Bitcoin Core (64-bit)” shortcut on the desktop. When you launch it, the information window will appear, where you can download the 284 GB Bitcoin Blockchain. Select “Use a custom data directory:” and specify the boot path to the previously created hard disk New Volume (E:). To start downloading data, click the “OK” button:

After clicking “OK”, synchronization with the network will begin. It can take a lot of time, up to several days (all depends on the speed of the Internet connection). Until the process is completed, transactions will be rejected.

During the boot process, VM can be turned off. The next time you launch the Bitcoin Core application, the download process will continue from the last moment, after the downloaded blocks are checked.

How to transfer cryptocurrency to your wallet

To transfer cryptocurrency to Bitcoin Core, select the “Receive” tab in the main window.

Fill in the required fields in the opened window and click the “Create new receiving address” button.

The program will issue an address for the transfer of coins and a QR code for the payment:

Only BTC can be used for replenishment, other cryptocurrencies or fiat money are not supported.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Core

To withdraw cryptocurrency, in the main window, select the “Send” tab. Enter the address of the recipient’s wallet and the required amount in the opened window and click “Submit”. The program also allows you to choose the size of the transaction fee, on which its speed will depend:

If necessary, you can create a mark to add the address to the log.

Bitcoin Core Wallet Security Configuration

Wallet encryption and password change are available from the security settings in Bitcoin Core. This can be done in the “Settings” tab

In the “File” menu, you can create a backup of the wallet:


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