Guide How To Create and Configure the Azure Container Registry and How To Create the Container

Creating and configuration of Azure Container Registry and the start of the Container Creation

After going to the Subscribe page, you need to fill in all the information:

1.  Azure Container Registry – you can either select an existing one (if you have any), or create a new one. When creating a new one, you need to specify a unique name. For instance:

2. Next, you need to select the Resource group (if you already have one), or create a new one. For instance:

3. You need to select the Location and Tag according to the one that suits you, and you can also select Auto-update if you want the container to update itself in the future.

4. Next, read the Terms of Use carefully and check the box if you allow Microsoft to use your contact information. If you agreed, please fill in your information below.

5. Click the “Subscribe” button

6. When the process of subscription is finished, you’ll see the message.

7. Now you have a Container registry. Click on the icon to find it.

8. Open your registry by clicking on it to make some changes.

9. When it is opened, go to the Access Keys and enable the Admin User.

10. Now you can create a container. Click the “Home” tab and go to Container Instances.

11. Click “+” to add a new container.

12. And fill all the information about the container in the Basics tab.

Point 1: You can create a new resource group or use the existing one.

Point 4: Select “Azure Container Registry” to find yours

Point 7: You can change the size of the container if it is needed

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