Download Manager — Usage Guidelines

Download Manager Gold is an excellent tool to keep your downloads organized. Whether you download from the Internet or from the FTP server – do it much more conveniently!

Just add a link from your Web Browser and download all types of files such as movies, pictures, music, archives, documents, and other files without waiting for hours to complete your downloads.

After application start:

After the application starts up you get to the main screen.
From here you can manage all the application features.
Let’s see them. 

On the left side, you can see the categories bar. After downloading a file it will be automatically put into one of those folders for your comfort.

Apart from category, all the files will still be accessible from the “All downloads” tab.

Finished files will be shown in the “Finished” tab, and unfinished in “Unfinished”, respectively.

At the upper bar, you have buttons to:

  1. Add URL for file download
  2. Resume/Pause a download
  3. Delete a download
  4. Configure application settings

Let’s see settings closer:

On the “General” tab you can:

  1. Change application language
  2. Change default download folder
  3. Choose one of two themes, or automatically sync it with your system theme settings.
  4. Choose interface color
  5. Add application tile to the Start menu

Under the “Add tile” button there is a trigger to launch Download Manager on startup.

On the “Sites Login” tab you can enter your credentials to connect to sites or FTP servers.

  1. After pressing “New Account” the site login tab will be opened
  2. On this tab you should enter account URL, login and password respectively

WARNING: Site login works only with the in-browser login window, looking like this: 

To download a file:

  1. Press the “Add URL” button on the top bar
  2. Enter direct URL 
  3. If you have credentials for this site/server entered in Settings/Sites Login they will be entered automatically, otherwise, you can enter them yourself if necessary.
  4. If everything is right you can start the download by pressing “Start download”

Now you can see the file size, download status, time left, transfer rate (download speed), and date of the upload in the corresponding  tabs.

As the file we’re downloading is the movie it will be also shown not only in the “All downloads” tab but also in the “Videos” tab.

After the download is complete you could press the right mouse button on a file and select “open folder” to see it in Windows Explorer.

How to download a movie?

  1. Ensure that you have a DIRECT link to the file. Download manager works only with direct links.

     2. After inserting a link ensure yourself that it is direct (with a file extension at the end)

If everything is right – a file name with a corresponding extension will appear at the “File Name” window.

Browser Extensions:

We are happy to provide you with our Download Manager browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

After installing the extension, when pressing on a download link that suits Download Manager (that is direct) you will see the next window:

After agreeing the usual download window will be opened.

Yellow Elephant Productions wishes you a pleasant usage of our products.

If you encounter any problems and even our guides can’t help you  – don’t hesitate to reach our friendly customer support service at, as well as if you have some proposals due to the functionality of our applications.

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