Blu-Ray Player — Usage Guidelines

Blu-ray Player was granted the “100% CLEAN” Softpedia award. The software guarantees fully enjoyable use, safety, and quality of features.

With the application, you get stunning playback of Blu-ray and DVD discs; video & audio in MKV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, and more.

Ensuring in Blu Ray Compatibility

!ATTENTION! First of all, you should ensure that your computer has a Blu-Ray drive.

If you own a laptop there probably will be a sticker near the touchpad saying that it is Blu-Ray compatible.

If you own a stationary computer then check the face cover of your disc drive. If it is a Blu-Ray one it should be indicated there.

If you found out that your computer isn’t equipped with a Blu-Ray drive too late – there are always a lot of external Blu-Ray drive solutions available. Good Luck!

How to use Blu Ray S

When you launch Blu Ray S for the first time you will see a message saying you should insert a Blu Ray disc, if one is still not inserted.

After you insert the disc, the player will check compatibility, and if the disc is proper the files contained in it will start.

After the file has been uploaded, if it did not start up itself, you should go to the “Playlist” tab by pressing the button on the right bottom side of the screen

Playlist with files contained on the disc will be opened:

By pressing the right button on the playlist element (an entire movie in our case) you could remove it from the playlist, or clear the playlist entirely.

Pressing the settings button on the Playlist tab lets you save and open playlist files in the most popular playlist formats, and clean your playlist.

Apart from the standard playback control panel, situated at the central lower part of the screen, there are few other buttons helping to control file playback:

  1. Subtitle selection – lets you select one of the subtitles available on disc
  2. Audio track selection – lets you select one of the audio tracks available on disc
  3. Playlist – lets you open/close playlist, in which you can choose which media files available on the disc you want to play
  4. Full-screen mode. Make sure you close the playlist before entering. If you want to enjoy a distract-free view, of course 🙂
  5. “More” button, which contains:

The “Chapters” button lets you select chapter time-codes, usually pre-set for important moments in movies

The “Settings” button contains options of changing color theme, getting support, and sending feedback.

“Open file” and “Open disk” buttons allow you to open a file or disk, respectively.

After you open some local file it will also appear in a playlist:

Yellow Elephant Productions wishes you a pleasant usage of our products.

If you encounter any problems and even our guides can’t help you  – don’t hesitate to reach our friendly customer support service at, as well as if you have some proposals due to the functionality of our applications.

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