Guide – How To Start –Windows Server 2019 Optimized by Tidal Media Inc.

The guide on how to connect to Windows Server 2019 Optimized

After purchasing the VM you can be connected to it with a help of downloaded utility program from Azure or by means of built-in service of WindowsRDP.

When the IP address of your VM is specified you should enter a username and password that were specified while creating the virtual machine. 

There will be a shortcut main_menu on the desktop, you can perform with it special commands for Windows. At the first start, you must agree to change the scripts launch policies by typing the letter Y and then press Enter on the keyboard:

Then the main menu will open, where you can perform the following operations:

  1. Check free space on logical drives
  2. Check system performance without reboots or shutdown
  3. Checking and installing Windows updates
  4. List of system users
  5. List of SMB shares
  6. System load check (CPU & RAM)

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