Guide – How To Start – FTP Server Minimal on Windows Server 2019

Connection to FTP Server Minimal on Windows Server 2019

  1. To connect to a virtual machine, run the program  “Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Enter the ip address of the virtual machine in the field “Computer” and press “Connect
  1. Next, enter your username / password that you specified when creating the virtual machine 

4. Start up the Filezilla Server Instance application, with the shortcut on your desktop. In the pop up window click “Connect” as displayed below (the password field is empty) 

5. Next, you need to add a user. To do this, go to the tab – “Edit” and select – “Users

6.Click “Add”, type in username, then click “OK

7.Click the “password” checkbox and enter the password

8. To add this directory, you must click the “Add” button and select this path C:\FTP. Set checkboxes in the Files and Directories blocks напротив всех значений.

9. It is recommended to use the filezilla ftp client to work with the server.

You can download from the link

  1. Enter in the <Host> field the IP of your machine
  2. In the <Username> field, the name of your machine that you created in step 3
  3. In the <Password> field, the password that you specified in paragraph 3

Now you can use FTP Server Minimal on Windows Server 2019 adapted for Azure. 

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