Connecting to MariaDB by HeidiSQL through the SSH tunnel

Before starting, the following components should be installed:

Connection setup using HeidiSQL

  1. Install the app HeidiSQL and run it – Download
  2. In the lower right corner click on the button to create a new session
  3. In the “Network Type”  field select the “MariaDB or MySQL (SSH Tunnel)”In the Network type you need to select MariaDB or MySQL (SSH tunnel)
  4. Go to the appeared “SSH tunnel” tab
    In the SSH tunnel tab plink.exe location field will appear
  5. In the “plink.exe location” field click on the folder icon and then select the “plink.exe” file in the folder, where the PuTTY was installed (by default the file is located on the next path C:\Program Files\PuTTY )
    Select the plink.exe file
  6. In the “SSH host + port” field enter the address of the virtual machine
  7. In the “Username” and “Password” fields type the data to connect to the virtual machine
  8. Go back to the “Settings” tab
  9. To connect to the DBMS with the root rights, leave the “User” and “Password” fields with no changes
  10. Click left in the bottom and after click to connect to DBMS

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